About SLS

Carolina Student Legal Services, Inc. is staffed by three (3) licensed attorneys and one (1) legal assistant. We are available to provide students with assistance in understanding the factors that should be considered when one seeks legal advice, to determine if a lawyer’s services are or are not necessary, and to provide appropriate representation and/or referral.

How Much Does SLS Cost?
Carolina Student Legal Services is funded by a student legal services activity fee that all full-time students pay each academic year. Thus, essentially CSLS is a pre-paid service for full time students. The only instances that our clients will have out-of pocket expenses occurs when there are court costs associated with taking court action.

Walk Ins and Appointments
First, please confirm that you are eligible for our services.

We do offer assistance on a walk in basis, though appointments are preferred. Our walk in policy is to provide assistance to students if an attorney is available. Walk in hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday – Friday, every day that classes and/or exams are held. We are closed on Reading Days, Unviversity Holidays, and breaks between academic sessions – any day classes or exams are not held. Please check the University Academic Calendar to determine what dates we are closed.

The best (and preferred) way to ensure that an attorney will be available for you when you come in, is to make an appointment. Appointments often can be made for the same or next day.